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Drake Associates staff has experience managing projects ranging from low-budget, high-visibility international projects to programs ranging to over $300 million per year. We provide our clients comprehensive management services including all permitting, management and construction of your project. We use web-based management techniques to ensure our clients has access to all project data through our web site, and to provide our field supervisors the capability to enter real-time data from remote locations. We pride ourselves in successfully managing complex, high-risk operations. We eagerly embrace the unique, non-traditional, extra-difficult jobs and employ the most up-to-date management and cost-control methods including:
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maroonsquare2.gif - 334 Bytes Integrated Product Teams
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The list below illustrates the types of projects Drake Associates, Inc. regularly manages:

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Structural Inspection of underwater facilities and infrastructures, including “PEER” the world’s only non-destructive system for detecting and measuring damage in timber piles due to marine borers.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Inspection and Maintenance of submarine cable runs, pipelines, and outfalls.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Underwater Structural Rehabilitation of piles, piers, abutments, bulkheads, relieving platforms, dolphin and other bearing or fendering units.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Sonar Services including electro-acoustic fathometric survey, side-scan sonar, precision cross-sectional profiling and sub-bottom sonar capabilities.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Design and In-Water Repair and Replacement of Wastewater treatment facility systems.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Underwater Non-Destructive Testing : Core sampling, sediment sampling, sub-bottom imaging and ultrasonic thickness measurement.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) - Inspection services with pipeline penetration runs up to 3,600'.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Waterfront Construction of steel sheetpile bulkheads, wooden bulkheads, floating docks, piers, and breakwaters.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes System Design and Engineering of commercial and military systems. We leverage our extensive operational experience to engineer reliable and efficient electronic and mechanical systems to improve our operational capabilities.

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