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Company Profile

Drake Associates, Inc.
The Underwater Authority® has followed a philosophy of reinvesting significant amounts of earned revenue back into the company’s operations and infrastructure since its inception in December 1988. In 1999, we were rewarded with recognition by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America. Although our single greatest corporate strength is the quality of our professional staff, we are aggressive in acquiring and maintaining a suite of specialized equipment. Drake Associates field equipment is stored at our Maintenance Facility in Shelton, Connecticut where they are maintained in a high state of readiness for emergency deployment.

Our company has enjoyed significant growth each year since its founding, and anticipate this trend to continue. It is our high level of professionalism and expertise which sets us apart from other diving concerns. For many municipal, State, Federal and professional clients, we are their underwater specialist of choice. The following provides an overall view of Drake Associates’ corporate operations:

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Safety-Our President, Christopher J. Drake served with the U.S. Navy on active duty as a Diving Officer and Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team Leader. In these capacities he was responsible for not only the safety of the personnel under his command, but for the development and implementation of diving operations and safety procedures specific to assigned missions. His ability to create and execute such plans has resulted in Drake Associates’ own Diving Operations Manual, Health and Safety Plan and our Accident Prevention Program. Our current NCCI workers compensation experience rating is 0.76, which places Drake Associates safety rating in the top 5% of all companies in our industry. A copy of this document is available upon request.

Our Company Vice President is a graduate of the Naval Aviation Safety School and served two operational tours as a Command Safety Officer. Our 11-year history of accident-free operations serves as a testament to this emphasis on safety. The Drake Associates Diving Operations Manual is the principal instrument through which our safety program is implemented. This manual has been reviewed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District, and an independent safety consultant, NAR, provided by our insurance underwriter. Both found our Diving Operations Manual served the dual requirements of a Health and Safety Plan and a comprehensive diving safety manual. A copy of this document is available on request.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Training – As both principal officers were Naval Officers and many of our personnel are former military personnel, our reliance upon a high quality training program reflects their military backgrounds. The professionalism and competence of our teams is a direct result of our superior training. Our training programs are in accordance with OSHA and the United State Army Corps of Engineers’ Standards and is authorized and promulgated by the Drake Associates Diving Operations Manual.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Maintenance – Our comprehensive 3-M/PMS-based equipment maintenance program is instrumental in our ability to operate safely and reliably. All of our equipment is positively tracked for regular maintenance and upgrades using our Planned Maintenance System.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Quality Control – Providing reliable, high-quality service and products is the basis of our business philosophy. Repeat customers represent the vast majority of our client base. Our emphasis on overall quality and customer satisfaction is second only to safety in the pursuit of day to day operational requirements. Our internally developed Quality Control Manual provides the necessary guidance for a company goal of acquiring ISO 9001 Certification.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Technology Development – We have recently formed strategic business partnerships with several scientific companies to develop unique technology for marine industry applications. We possess the sole-source franchise of a unique non-destructive, ultra-sonic technology for inspecting and measuring internal damage to timber piles caused by Teredo and Bancia timber boring organisms. Our company vision emphasizes developing and applying technology to revolutionize commercial diving and marine operations.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Sub-Contractor Management – Our sub-contractor management plan is based on years of operating as a sub-contractor, as well as our experience acting as a prime contractor. Our goal is to deal with only the most professional companies and to hold them to the same high standards that Drake Associates maintains. The selected sub-contractors must clearly exhibit levels of responsibility, accountability, performance and safety which Drake Associates maintains with its own dive teams.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes AutoCAD - We have full, in-house AutoCAD design, drafting and plotting capability.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Affirmative Action – Our Affirmative Action Plan has been approved by the State of Connecticut Department of Economic Development. The plan is current and aggressively supported.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Financial Rating – We maintain a Dunn & Bradstreet, Inc. rating of CB-2 indicating solid and stable financial management.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Bonding Capability- Drake Associates can provide performance bonding up to $ 2,000,000.00.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Insurance – Drake Associates maintains insurance coverages for Statutory Workman’s Compensation, Jones Act, USLHW, Maritime Employer’s Liability, General Liability, Vehicles, Vessels, Equipment and a $10,000,000 Bumbershoot. We can also provide, if required, specialized policies including, but not limited to Railroad Workers Act, Hull and Builders Risk.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes General – Drake Associates is registered with the Central Contractor Registration. Our CAGE number is 1NKY0.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes We are a member of the Association of Diving Contractors. We are completely automated to produce AIA applications, certified payroll and detailed job costing reports.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes We have signed Collective Bargaining Agreements with a number of dockbuilders unions, including New York Local 1456, Connecticut Locals 24, 43, 110, Pennsylvania Local 454 and the New England Regional District Local 56.

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes FACILITIES

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Corporate Offices:
Drake Associates, Inc.
The Underwater Authority®
375 Morgan Lane, Unit No. 104
West Haven, CT 06516

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Equipment Maintenance and Storage Facility:

Drake Associates, Inc.
The Underwater Authority®
237 Canal Street
Shelton, CT 06484

bluesquare.gif - 49 Bytes Vessel Storage Facility: Town of Fairfield
South Benson Marina
Turney Road
Fairfield, CT 06430

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The Katie D, Drake Associates’ 40’ steel-hull dive vessel with twin 6-71 Detroit diesel engines. The Katie D is equipped with marine electronics (LORAN/GPS, radar, depth finder, loud hailer and multiple UHF and VHF radios). The vessel is suitable for supporting multiple divers, towing and general marine contracting.

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